Laser-Ablation Split-Stream

This unique four-ICP/dual-laser facility enables LASS (laser ablation split-stream) analysis: simultaneous geochronology and trace-element geochemistry with 10-50 micron spatial resolution. The LASS facility consists of

Associated Instrumentation

The LASS facility is supported by extensive associated Earth-Science instrumentation, including

  • Cameca SX-100 electron microprobe with 5 WDS detectors, an EDS detector, and a CL detector

  • FEI Quanta 400f field-emission, environmental scanning electron microscope with an EBSD detector, BSE detector, SE detector, EDS detector, and a CL detector

  • Thermo Fisher Triton thermal ionization mass spectrometer

  • Class 100 Clean Room Suite

  • petrographic microscopes, cameras, and thin-section scanning equipment

  • rock crushing and mineral separation facilities