Short Course Curtin 2014

29th Sept - 1st Oct, 2014

Laser-Ablation Split-Stream Petrochronology

Presented by: Dr Andrew Kylander-Clark & Prof John Cottle University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

Curtin University Dept. of Applied Geology will be hosting a 3-day workshop on the Laser-Ablation

Split-Stream (LASS) technique for rapid isotope and trace element data acquisition. We welcome

researchers of any level, however the course will be aimed at PhD students and new post-doc researchers

looking to gain an insight into the vast array of information that can be gathered from accessory mineral


Topics covered will include:

- The split stream technique – isotope and trace element petrochronology

- Data acquisition – multi-collector and quadrupole mass spectrometry

- Accessory phase geochronology – incl. zircon, monazite, titanite, rutile

- Campaign Style geochronology – dealing with large datasets

- Mineral mapping – complex zoning in accessory phases

The course will be located on Curtin University Bentley Campus, Building 401 - Room 155.

Start time will be 10.00am on Monday 29th Sept.

The 3-day course has a registration fee of $55 (incl GST). Registration for the ‘LASS Workshop’

can be found online at Curtin ePay homepage under Events/Conferences or copy and paste

the following link

Registration closes 26/09/2014. Limited number of places available