Short Course GSA 2016


Simultaneous isotopic (e.g., U/Th-Pb) and elemental analysis of minerals by laser ablation split-stream ICP mass spectrometry (LASS) is the latest tool for addressing tectonic & petrologic questions. This course will introduce the types of isotopic and elemental analyses that are possible and show how in situ analyses of accessory minerals in thin section can be applied to quantify igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary processes. This practical course is aimed at faculty members, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about the state-of-the-art in petrochronologic research.

Using Laser Ablation Split Stream (LASS) Geochronology and Petrochronology to Address Tectonic and Petrologic Questions

Where: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting Denver, CO

When: 24th Sept. 2016. 8.30 - 5pm.


Teledyne Cetac

Course preparation

Please download three pieces of software (do this less than 30 days before the course starts, otherwise the trial copy of Igor Pro will expire):

1. Igor Pro v3.67* (operating environment for Iolite). Trial copy**, free of charge here

* Note that Igor 7 is NOT compatible with Iolite. Be sure to download the correction version (PC or MAC)

** The Trial copy lasts 30 Days, so please only download within 30 days of the shortcourse

2. Iolite v2.5 (plugin within Igor Pro). Iolite, written by Melbourne Isotope & trace element group .

Download from this page.

3. Isoplot* (addin for Excel) available from the Berkeley Geochronology Center here

* Note that Isoplot does not work on a MAC with Excel. If you have a MAC laptop you will either need to install a Windows Virtual Machine (Bootcamp, Parallels, VirtuaBox etc.,) or use a PC.