Analysis Types

We specialize in LASS (laser-ablation split stream) analysis: simultaneous measurement of isotopic and/or elemental ratios using lasers and mass spectrometers. Example of types of analysis that are possible include:

  • U-Th-Pb isotopes + trace elements
  • U-Th-Pb isotopes + Sr, Nd, or Hf isotopes
  • Nd isotopes + Sr isotopes

Materials we analyze include

  • zircon, typically 15-30 um spots
  • monazite, typically 7-10 um spots
  • xenotime, typically 7-10 um spots
  • titanite, typically 20-35 um spots
  • rutile, typically 20-50 um spots
  • apatite, typically 20-50 um spots
  • allanite, typically 15-30 um spots

A typical analytical session involving U/Th-Pb + trace elements will involve measurement of

  • one set of 4-10 reference materials (standards)
  • multiple sets of 5 unknowns and 1 or 2 reference materials
  • one set of 4-10 reference materials (standards)

This will typically be a 2-hr session with ~100-150 analyses (about 60-80 unknowns), depending on the ablation time and physical size of your samples.

The image below shows the collector configuration of the Nu Plasma multicollector ICP and some of the possible types of measurements.